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Good Morning Dinner

Pea Coats, camo, military patterns, accessories and unfortunately "cargos" have always found their way into our closets. Even though the obsession may have started with a fascination for the rugged materials that were used in production: style is first and foremost about utility and so is the military. Along with quality and utility, durability is also essential when it comes to the front lines; and so with the onset of World War I, Hunter was given a call by the British government demanding that the Allied soldiers be supplied with the boots. Hunter answered the call and the Allies won the war.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when World War II was upon us, Hunter again responded to the call and shipped more boots to the front lines, and the Allies again won the war. Now I’m not trying to start an international controversy by saying that it was the boots that won the war, but we all know things are a lot easier when we don’t have to worry about our feet being cold and wet. In other words, whether they’re called on to protect the wearer from water, mud, or just plain old nasty weather, Hunter boots will answer the call.

From the fall rains to the winter blizzards, I know I’ll be reaching for these boots in the upcoming months. However, even on a dry day like today with my layers on and trousers tucked in (clean hems and such), my trusty boots are perfect for catching dinner. 

With a mild chill in the air and the sun casting rays and flare, my feet are sure to never slip on morning dew, leaving my arms steady and my aim true.  Always nice to have a couple bucks set aside for dinner. 

Quilted Vest Vest:  Ralph Lauren
Donegal Sweater:  Wallace and Barnes
Pants: Ralph Lauren
Socks:  Chup
Boots:  Hunter

I Wish to Remain Anonymoose

I've never been one to drink on the job unless it is for a birthday or celebration.  Luckily for me I celebrate life on the hour every hour making every hour a happy hour.  Oh deer, you don't look amoosed, do I sound like an elkoholic?  Make no moosetake, I'm just trying to make the moose out of life here.

Sweater is by Woolrich.
The shoes are Allen Edmonds.
The pants socks an belt are J. Crew.
The leather wrap bracelet is Kiel James Patrick.

Fozzie at Bailey

Twelve.  Twelves hours.  Twelve hours later.  Twelve hours later with Fozzies Fender finally Fixed for function four fellas flew fast for fifty five thousand feet fetching fluke & flounder for Fridays Fox Festival Fun.

This Slim fitting Three-Button whale Corduroy Blazer is a great fit for fit guys with all the right details from woven leather buttons to corresponding suede elbow patches.  Many thanks to Uncle Ralph.

This Dreamy scout green garment dyed oxford is slim and brought to you in part by none other Than Gant Rugger.  

 Silk Fox tie you spy is by KJP.

I have acquainted myself with these here Barberry slim chinos by Jack Wills and must say they are of the highest quality chino cloth I've come across in awhile.  Sitting low on the hips and just slim enough on the leg I Look forward to plucking myself 'nother pair soon. 

Okay... I'm tired of writing these annoying little descriptions trying to sound all clever and witty...

Shooter Aviators:  Ray-Ban
Boat Shoes:  DB '85
Braided Rope Bracelet: KJP
I think my belt was a KJP to...  or it was a Leatherman.  Was probably a KJP Madras Peyton though.

Duck, Duck, Goose Eggs

Ring around the rosy. Pocket full o' peanuts. Fire full of ashes, ashes. We don't fall down. Because we have cane. A cane with a flippin' carved ducks head handle. Have I been injured? No, but the fella' with the minor foot fracture that I stole the cane from sure was. I'm the good Samaritan that broke bad. Walter Wit. Cookin' up glass grade steeze.

The shirt, watch, and tie are by Gant.
The chinos are by Jack Wills.
The bracelet is Kiel James Patrick.
The madras jacket is a recent find at Bobby From Boston.
The shoes are vintage Allen Edmonds.

The King Has Returned

Tip of the Day:  Hang your glasses where the sun don't shine.

I'm back from sabbatical, boys. And this time, I'm angry (furious). I've got a stomach full of goose eggs and a closet full of 150 yr. old undrinkable whiskey… and guess what??  I drank it. I've been playing bulletless Russian roulette for too long. It's time to put a bullet in the gun. I am the bullet. I've got a wit that kills 6/6 times. I'm not a game of chance. I'm a game of certainty. And you can be certain that the game is about to change. 

The bow tie is vintage Brooks Brothers
The shirt is by Gant.
The pants are Bonobos.
The Sunglasses are from the new Ralph Lauren Safari Collection
The supple leather bags are from Ralph Lauren and Frank Clegg.
I got this leather jacket back in 1985 from a biker I roughed up on the set of Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure. I'm here to tell you, Large Marge sent me.

The Pot Called the Kettle Gold

Well if you aren't the Pot calling the kettle black and full of Leprechaun gold. 

This herringbone Sport Coat is by Ralph Lauren
These Shooter Ray Bans are very old HOWEVER can still be bought at Ray Ban
This Shirt was produced by Brooks Brothers.
These pants from J. Crew were a gift.  Otherwise I would never wear them.
The Leprechaun necktie that I'm wearing that you want is a very easy find but I'm not telling you where.
The Wing Tips are  Broken in Brogue.

X Marks the Lost

I discovered a map prior to discovering at last, I was lost amidst my discovery of the location to a treasure map marked by my original discovered map with an X. 

This Harrington Jacket was made in London by Baracuta and a similar one can be purchased here
Wool sweater is by Ralph.
Plaid Oxford by J. Crew.
Whale Belt is Triminghams of Bermuda.
Pants by Bonobos.
Boots by New England Outwear.

How Deer You!

How Deer you!?
I'm fine and you?
Fine?  You seem coarse.
Dear, dare I say this here deer has a pelt fine as Italian Cashmere.

Izod Lacoste Cardigan was my grampas who would at times layer it with another cardigan over two oxfords... typical, one striped and one solid.

Green and Tan Gingham Shirt is by J. Crew
Green Belt by Izod Lacoste
These perfect fitting chinos are by Brooks Brothers.
Boat Shoes by Dooney and Bourke.
Fair isle Sock by Brooks Brothers.

Whaler Whaler

"I'd be a superhero who rescued the whales from whalers and also fought off hippies."

This oxford is by Bonobos
Cashmere Waffle-knit is by Club Monaco
Keyhole shades by Ralph
Anchor Bracelet by KJP
Belt was by a Dan the Leatherman in Nantucket
Classic Shoe in Cognac by Edmond Allen
Repp Striped Socks by Brooks Brothers
The other Sock by Corgi

Pig Point Fox

If pigs could fly I'll bet their wings would taste delicious.  If pigs could swim I'd BLT their fins.  If Pigs could could sing I'd sizzle them to their music.  If I were a pig I'd commit the greatest sin.

Indigo Wool Blazer by Gant
Oxford made in America by Brooks Brothers
Piggy Tie by J. Press
Tie clip I've had in my den for ages

The Fairest of Them All

The fairest of isles I spied through the glass, some hounds barking and jumping while foxes bit their.... 
Men on huge horses eagerly sought prey, but soon they found, to their dismay- 
The foxes they sought had the greatest of gifts:
Antlers with bow ties tied to their tips. 

Their guns did nothing, and the hounds quickly fought,
but the ferocious foxes could not be caught. 
They banded together with their repp silken style,
and scared the hounds and men, clear from their isle. 
A Herringbone blazer from Ralph Lauren
A Fair-Isle Sweater from dearest Gant 
A braided belt by Kiel James Patrick 
A Pair of pants by Bonobos 
A pair of boots by L.L. Bean