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The Pot Called the Kettle Gold

Well if you aren't the Pot calling the kettle black and full of Leprechaun gold. 

This herringbone Sport Coat is by Ralph Lauren
These Shooter Ray Bans are very old HOWEVER can still be bought at Ray Ban
This Shirt was produced by Brooks Brothers.
These pants from J. Crew were a gift.  Otherwise I would never wear them.
The Leprechaun necktie that I'm wearing that you want is a very easy find but I'm not telling you where.
The Wing Tips are  Broken in Brogue.

X Marks the Lost

I discovered a map prior to discovering at last, I was lost amidst my discovery of the location to a treasure map marked by my original discovered map with an X. 

This Harrington Jacket was made in London by Baracuta and a similar one can be purchased here
Wool sweater is by Ralph.
Plaid Oxford by J. Crew.
Whale Belt is Triminghams of Bermuda.
Pants by Bonobos.
Boots by New England Outwear.

How Deer You!

How Deer you!?
I'm fine and you?
Fine?  You seem coarse.
Dear, dare I say this here deer has a pelt fine as Italian Cashmere.

Izod Lacoste Cardigan was my grampas who would at times layer it with another cardigan over two oxfords... typical, one striped and one solid.

Green and Tan Gingham Shirt is by J. Crew
Green Belt by Izod Lacoste
These perfect fitting chinos are by Brooks Brothers.
Boat Shoes by Dooney and Bourke.
Fair isle Sock by Brooks Brothers.

Whaler Whaler

"I'd be a superhero who rescued the whales from whalers and also fought off hippies."

This oxford is by Bonobos
Cashmere Waffle-knit is by Club Monaco
Keyhole shades by Ralph
Anchor Bracelet by KJP
Belt was by a Dan the Leatherman in Nantucket
Classic Shoe in Cognac by Edmond Allen
Repp Striped Socks by Brooks Brothers
The other Sock by Corgi

Pig Point Fox

If pigs could fly I'll bet their wings would taste delicious.  If pigs could swim I'd BLT their fins.  If Pigs could could sing I'd sizzle them to their music.  If I were a pig I'd commit the greatest sin.

Indigo Wool Blazer by Gant
Oxford made in America by Brooks Brothers
Piggy Tie by J. Press
Tie clip I've had in my den for ages