The "Apple Jack Fashioned"

Apple infused whiskey
Large orchard picked fresh apple 

An Ice Crube of frozen water 

2 parts Cabin Fever maple infused Whiskey
1 part fresh squeezed apple cider
1/2 Ounce sweet vermouth
Maple Syrup

Cinnamon sticks (will explain how to get with out seeming too... eh...) 

Light Brown Sugar 
Splash of lemon bitters

Been making myself the apple jack fashioned for the past 39 nights and have finally decided to share my favorite Autumnal whiskey meal. 

First off, don’t be afraid to give yourself plenty of time while making this whiskey soaked gem.
  I would even recommend giving yourself 24 hours and taking the day out of work.  

Simply hollow out that freshly picked apple, leaving about ¼” of white all the way around.  We (Badger & I) recommend using a knife and small spoon…not your mouth, lesson learned.  Kisses Badger on the cheek. 

Pour a little syrup on a plate, you can actually say out loud, “SYYSSURRPP” if you want, I did.  Cause I don’t care.  (preferably a seasonal dish with little acorns, leaves and pumpkins on it).  Dip top of apple upside on plate.  Now dip now onto the plate full of brown sugar.  I said FULL, don’t be cheap.  It’s sugar. 

Add whiskey
Add vermouth
Add lemon bitters
Put ice crube (I've already experimented with measuring out doses before writing this which is why I just spelt cube "crube")

In goes the cinnamon sticks (ask the fat bearded guy at your supermarket where these are and just give him the heads up that it's for a Pinterest picture)

Pour directly down your hatch before the whiskey eats away at the peel and it breaks all over your pajamas.  Then eat the whiskey infused apple and polish off the rest of the Cabin Fever and call out of work tomorrow as well. 
 It's flu season. 

Flantastic Mr. Fox

I respect flannel so much that I regualry wear it to funerals as a way to pay respect to the deceased.

I run wind sprints in flannel, I wore flannel when I was a Rough Rider fighting in the Battle of San Juan Hill along side Colonel Teddy Roosevelt.  Also, little known fact, I wore flannel boxer shorts to John F Kennedy's Presidential inauguration.   Mrs. Fox even has some sensual "night wear" made of the warm cozy fabric. 

Flannel is everything we all want to be-Rugged, Strong, Classic, Useful, Handsome & Timeless.

Check out this Fox's favorite fall flannels below, all funeral/battle/night moves ready-


The Pun King

Hello gourdgeous.  Looking for good Autumn Puns?  Let me orange that for you.  Lets give 'em pumpkin to talk about.  
-My Favorite Sport is Squash.
-My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.
-My family doesn't use bandaids we use a pumpkin patch.
-I live in the seedy part of town!
-I hit the gym and play sports 4 times a week to avoid becoming a plumpkin....  I'm sort a  jock o’ lantern.
For Halloween I plan on going out as a pirate jack wearing only a pumpkin patch!
I am the pun king.
Pick of the patch
Corduroy Blazer: Ralph Lauren similar Brooks Brothers
Wingtip shoes: Ralph Lauren
Denim: J. Crew (Not bad, but not LEVIS)
Pumpkin Boy Sweater: Gant
O-Ring Belt:  L.L. Bean Signature

I'm Ryan Singing Taylor

I'm the Fox who orders a margarita, at lunch, at the Chinese food buffet and asks for a cocktail umbrella.  I'm the fox who takes morning and afternoon naps, during the day-two actually-at work.  I'm the animal who intentionally squeezes your hand hard AF during a hand shake, and hangs on a little to long.  I'm the fox who wont steal your girl, cause she ain't a fox.  And goddamn I'm the fox that brings a house-warming bottle of Jack Daniels to your crappy dinner parties, just so I can justify drinking your best bourbon the rest of the night.

I'm the fox you have always wanted to never be. 

Fall for one and one for Fall

You really want to know the difference between myself and that God damn groundhog Puxatommfux??  When I go to sleep, its for an entire year... and when I wake up I see argyle, corduroy, houndstooth, tartans, plaids, a bottle of whiskey and a bunch of smiling faces that all know Fall and the Fox have returned.

We look out upon the changing season and we find change within ourselves. The turning of the leaves, the onset of the briskness in the night air, the pumpkin spiced toothpaste… And for some reason we don't fight it as we would normally fight change. It’s in our nature to resist but in this instance, we let it happen.

The season – made up of reds, oranges and yellows – covers us like a warm blanket, comforting us and showing us that maybe just for a fleeting moment, that the world around us changes, just like we do. We pull out the sweaters and put away the shorts as nature sheds its fickle warm summer skin. It prepares and stands firm for winter’s clinched fists that await - as we do when faced with our next challenge.

Autumn is in our hearts, our minds; it's who we want to be: adaptable, hospitable, warm, welcoming and gracious.

Fall is the season that allows us an inner rejuvenation, based so much on our own nostalgia. Memories of running and falling into piles of leaves, stoking fires with our families, the return of the notion that “pale skin is in” and the crisp night air as football season hit its stride.

Life has its seasons and every fall we are reminded of just how beautiful it all can be. And corduroy. It also reminds us of that. And tweed. Viva tweed.

Sweaters:  You wont find them anywhere.  Bean Boots:  Dont be a dunce.   1000 Mile Wolverine Boots:  Wolverine Boots
Jeep Grand Wagoneer:  Shoot me an email at We have 2 of them in Mint condition for sale.  

Tis the Season to be Fally

If you're no good throwing it, you had better at least look good holding it. 

Sweater-- Ralph
Cords- Ralph
Anchor Belt--  KJP

Summer School

English Prep represents the best of classic style: clean cut, slightly rebellious, a collage of earthy tones, traditional fabrics, and well-placed layers. This effortlessly timeless look finds itself at home amidst the soaring Gothic arches of New College, Oxford or the carefully tended grounds and time-worn stone of King's College, Cambridge. Tweed is an essential staple in the English scholar's wardrobe. Sporting a classic tweed coat is a symbol of intellectual sophistication. Hundreds of smaller British companies continue to produce quality tweed and wool goods for those who like return to school in timeless, English style. 

Donegal Tweed Blazer: Magee for the Royal Male
Cricket Jumper: The Royal Male
Belt: Kiel James Patrick
Chinos: J.Crew
Shoe's: Rancourt