The Pun King

Hello gourdgeous.  Looking for good Autumn Puns?  Let me orange that for you.  Lets give 'em pumpkin to talk about.  
-My Favorite Sport is Squash.
-My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.
-My family doesn't use bandaids we use a pumpkin patch.
-I live in the seedy part of town!
-I hit the gym and play sports 4 times a week to avoid becoming a plumpkin....  I'm sort a  jock o’ lantern.
For Halloween I plan on going out as a pirate jack wearing only a pumpkin patch!
I am the pun king.
Pick of the patch
Corduroy Blazer: Ralph Lauren similar Brooks Brothers
Wingtip shoes: Ralph Lauren
Denim: J. Crew (Not bad, but not LEVIS)
Pumpkin Boy Sweater: Gant
O-Ring Belt:  L.L. Bean Signature