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Puff Puffed Puffing Time

A pipe collector as my father was and his fathers mother had been,
a walk with three pipes adorning my chest in hopes to share a puff with a friend. 

Fox apologizes for speaking in third person, I do not know what came over Fox.  Perhaps all this fame, prize gooses and smokey has gone straight to his furry antlered noggin.  Egg Nog...  can't wait.

Herringbone Blazer:  Very Old heirloom, a Harris Tweed, top button missing and it is fine.
Pipes:  Nat Sherman Fifth Ave
Clock Tie:  Vintage Brooks Brothers of Course.
Oxford:  J. Crew.  
Surcingle Belt:  Jack Spade.
Khakis:  Jack Spade.
Penny Loafers:  Allen Edmonds Kenwood.

Bobby Had Had a Bag

Tweleven nights earlier this month,  overnight duffel in paw, scuttled out of Burrow after it gnawed on me that I had a compromising ant infestation.  Scratch Scratch...  no, no positively not...  Molly Fox refused my tale to join my tail to join her tail in her den.  Defeated I hastily climbed the Great Welshep Worthington Oak to slumber a branch.  GRRRR!  Owl Swooped... duffel taloned... fly high... ahhh... beautiful a silhouette in the bright white full moon.  Single Fox in need of a new overnight duffel big enough to sack a 1st prize goose.
-Oxford Plaid Shirt:  J. Crew.  Quite comfortable...  tad heavier than madras and ideal for Autumn.
-Bracelet:  Barrett Alley Levis Limited Edition.  Each bracelet is handmade from rare 100-year-old American deadstock fabric, US vegetable tanned leather, and an antique American bone button.
Leather Duffel:  Bobby From Boston.  Go see Bobby.  Write me a lovely thank you letter later.
Shades:  Catty Clubmasters by Ray Ban
Nautical Flag Belt:  Preston Leather.
White Denim:  J. Crew.
Socks:  Richer Poorer.
Loafers:  Rancourt and Co.

Stick 'Em Up

Allow me to introduce you to a good friend of mine.  His name is New England and I am his heart, as I am the 5 point Fox.  It seems my left antler seems to be sprouting another point, but for now is a nub.  In the case that it continues to grow on, I shall simply invite Mrs. Molly Fox to file it on down with her pearly teeth.  Five points is more than enough.  Not the number of antler points which matters, but what you do with what you have.

Harrington Jacket:  Izod Lacoste 1984.  That's right.  Good luck finding one of these Buchanan lined gems....  maybe try Target or lands end? 

Madras Check Shirt:  Gant Rugger

Jeans:  1954 Levis Straight Leg:  Jeans began with the 501 according to Grampa Hank and any other man who knows their shit.  Us cowboys up here in New England have an old saying th...  errr...  grrrrr...  I'm a fox...  we don't have an old saying...  I'm gnawing on a goose femur.

Aviators:  Bobby from Boston.  Treasure hunted and found.  Swapped 25 hood ornaments and a gooses egg I thieved.  

Goose Egg:  Nest over in Gaspee, Warwick.

Belt and Buckle:  Rick Walkers Rock N' Roll Cowboy Clothes on Newbury St, Boston.  In business since 1932.

Anchor Turk's Head Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick.

Argyle Socks:  Jack Spade.

Buffalo Nickels:  Nana Peg.  Email me.  I'll swap for Gooses parts and hood ornaments.

Loafers:  Rancourt & Co.