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Fozzie at Bailey

Twelve.  Twelves hours.  Twelve hours later.  Twelve hours later with Fozzies Fender finally Fixed for function four fellas flew fast for fifty five thousand feet fetching fluke & flounder for Fridays Fox Festival Fun.

This Slim fitting Three-Button whale Corduroy Blazer is a great fit for fit guys with all the right details from woven leather buttons to corresponding suede elbow patches.  Many thanks to Uncle Ralph.

This Dreamy scout green garment dyed oxford is slim and brought to you in part by none other Than Gant Rugger.  

 Silk Fox tie you spy is by KJP.

I have acquainted myself with these here Barberry slim chinos by Jack Wills and must say they are of the highest quality chino cloth I've come across in awhile.  Sitting low on the hips and just slim enough on the leg I Look forward to plucking myself 'nother pair soon. 

Okay... I'm tired of writing these annoying little descriptions trying to sound all clever and witty...

Shooter Aviators:  Ray-Ban
Boat Shoes:  DB '85
Braided Rope Bracelet: KJP
I think my belt was a KJP to...  or it was a Leatherman.  Was probably a KJP Madras Peyton though.

Duck, Duck, Goose Eggs

Ring around the rosy. Pocket full o' peanuts. Fire full of ashes, ashes. We don't fall down. Because we have cane. A cane with a flippin' carved ducks head handle. Have I been injured? No, but the fella' with the minor foot fracture that I stole the cane from sure was. I'm the good Samaritan that broke bad. Walter Wit. Cookin' up glass grade steeze.

The shirt, watch, and tie are by Gant.
The chinos are by Jack Wills.
The bracelet is Kiel James Patrick.
The madras jacket is a recent find at Bobby From Boston.
The shoes are vintage Allen Edmonds.

The King Has Returned

Tip of the Day:  Hang your glasses where the sun don't shine.

I'm back from sabbatical, boys. And this time, I'm angry (furious). I've got a stomach full of goose eggs and a closet full of 150 yr. old undrinkable whiskey… and guess what??  I drank it. I've been playing bulletless Russian roulette for too long. It's time to put a bullet in the gun. I am the bullet. I've got a wit that kills 6/6 times. I'm not a game of chance. I'm a game of certainty. And you can be certain that the game is about to change. 

The bow tie is vintage Brooks Brothers
The shirt is by Gant.
The pants are Bonobos.
The Sunglasses are from the new Ralph Lauren Safari Collection
The supple leather bags are from Ralph Lauren and Frank Clegg.
I got this leather jacket back in 1985 from a biker I roughed up on the set of Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure. I'm here to tell you, Large Marge sent me.