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A Murder Most Foul

The golden whirring pheasant springs, And mounts exulting on triumphant wings. Short is his joy; snapping his razor sharp beak, which unfortunately for him are no match for my teeth.

Pheasant Sweater (Lost a bet):  Jack Wills.
Button Down:  Bills Khackis.  
Coal Bag:  Jack Spade/Barbour
Rope Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick.
Pants:  Bonobos.
Duck Boots:  L.L. Bean.
Pheasant:  Henry was not harmed or mistreated during the shooting of this lousy post. 

Hey Hay, Roll Away

Jolly jacket weather, a hay harvest breeze,  tartan on the feather,  green leaves the trees.  The fox atop the haystack can't eat the hay himself and Foxy won't let the horse eat it either (Nothing Rhymes with self).

Harrington Jacket:  Baracuta - Made in England - The kind with the nice wool lining.
Rocket Ship Necktie:  Jack Spade.
Shirt:  Brooks Brothers.  
Rope Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick
Leather Belt:  Dan the Leatherman makes them out of his Van on the Island of MV.  
Pants:  Bonobos Stone Cutters.
Argyles:  J. Crew.
Bison Leather Loafers:  Buffalo Jackson.

Seasons Turn, Turned Stones Turn Crayfish

It was only in that second I had realized, that it was about another minute before I truly grasped how quickly, time had so precisely ticked so quickly, to bring these colder months ahead to me so swiftly.  Crayfish, you mini lake lobstering treat.  Desiring you, lifting stones with my nose, finding and tossing you up, exo-bones and devouring your delicious offerings slyly winking at that Summer eve moon's last beat.  28 crayfish thereafter, asleep a peachy fox on the beach. 

Cable Knit:  Saint James.
Oxford: Gant Rugger | Magic Shirt.
Rope Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick.
Jeans:  Bonobos Bottle Rockets
Bat Belt:  Ralph Lauren (Old).
Duck Boots:  Schnee's.

Indian Summer - 1981

During the 80's I did my part by sporting shorts that opened legitimate family concerns whether or not I would be capable of continuing the family fox line down the line.

T-Shirt:  1981 Holographix Tee.
Tennis Shorts:  Izod Lacoste.
Tassel Loafers:  Alden.  
Sunglassses:  Ray Ban Clubmasters

En garde

It all began with Farmer Jenkins responding to last weeks Sunday classifieds for barbwire chicken coop fence leading to my responding to this weeks classifieds for a chicken part paying job.  Poultry doesn't grow on oaks.  Heard herd of old men whistling, approving and applauding my natural swording adeptness, setting them to set me up, protecting Geronimo's tomb weekends this Fall until they find a suitable homosapien replacement.

Italian Cashmere Sweater:   Ralph Lauren Purple.
Buchanan Tartan Shirt:  J. Crew.
Polo Rider Belt:  Leatherman LTD.
Cords:  Gant Rugger.
Rope Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick.
Wing Tips:  Broken in Brogue.  
Gatsby Sunglasses:  Ray Ban.  You wont be finding these anywhere, anytime too soon.

Sail off into Battle

Commander Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de Rochambeau, my fine noble French friend, let us sail victoriously into battle together.  So, where should we head first?  Just point... ??  Oh Rochambeau, forget this troubled world around us.  Take this little fox into your arms and kiss me hard, the way the gangster did to the girl in the diner in Michael Jackson "Beat It" music video. 

India Madras Check Shirt:  Gant Rugger.  Aviators:  Brooks Brothers/RayBan.  Shorts:  Cisco Shorts by Castaway Clothing.  Loafers:  Allen Edmonds.  Sailing Belt:  Kiel James Patrick "Brigg's Capeside Docks.

Save the Bay for Labor Day

Slim picking on woodland creaturse this weekend. Chipmunk, bats, jays lucky to snag a king toad. Angling for some prime waterfowl capture real estate, heading out to the Bay.

Tartan Shirt:  J. crew.
Leather Belt:  Met Dan the Leatherman at Sunday market on the Vineyard.
Aviators:  Willson 1940's USA WWII according to Gramps war tales
Pants:  Bonobos.  
Hat:  Murray's Toggery Shop.
Wingtips:  Florsheim Kenmoor.
Rope wrap:  Kiel James Patrick