En garde

It all began with Farmer Jenkins responding to last weeks Sunday classifieds for barbwire chicken coop fence leading to my responding to this weeks classifieds for a chicken part paying job.  Poultry doesn't grow on oaks.  Heard herd of old men whistling, approving and applauding my natural swording adeptness, setting them to set me up, protecting Geronimo's tomb weekends this Fall until they find a suitable homosapien replacement.

Italian Cashmere Sweater:   Ralph Lauren Purple.
Buchanan Tartan Shirt:  J. Crew.
Polo Rider Belt:  Leatherman LTD.
Cords:  Gant Rugger.
Rope Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick.
Wing Tips:  Broken in Brogue.  
Gatsby Sunglasses:  Ray Ban.  You wont be finding these anywhere, anytime too soon.