Bobby Had Had a Bag

Tweleven nights earlier this month,  overnight duffel in paw, scuttled out of Burrow after it gnawed on me that I had a compromising ant infestation.  Scratch Scratch...  no, no positively not...  Molly Fox refused my tale to join my tail to join her tail in her den.  Defeated I hastily climbed the Great Welshep Worthington Oak to slumber a branch.  GRRRR!  Owl Swooped... duffel taloned... fly high... ahhh... beautiful a silhouette in the bright white full moon.  Single Fox in need of a new overnight duffel big enough to sack a 1st prize goose.
-Oxford Plaid Shirt:  J. Crew.  Quite comfortable...  tad heavier than madras and ideal for Autumn.
-Bracelet:  Barrett Alley Levis Limited Edition.  Each bracelet is handmade from rare 100-year-old American deadstock fabric, US vegetable tanned leather, and an antique American bone button.
Leather Duffel:  Bobby From Boston.  Go see Bobby.  Write me a lovely thank you letter later.
Shades:  Catty Clubmasters by Ray Ban
Nautical Flag Belt:  Preston Leather.
White Denim:  J. Crew.
Socks:  Richer Poorer.
Loafers:  Rancourt and Co.