Puff Puffed Puffing Time

A pipe collector as my father was and his fathers mother had been,
a walk with three pipes adorning my chest in hopes to share a puff with a friend. 

Fox apologizes for speaking in third person, I do not know what came over Fox.  Perhaps all this fame, prize gooses and smokey has gone straight to his furry antlered noggin.  Egg Nog...  can't wait.

Herringbone Blazer:  Very Old heirloom, a Harris Tweed, top button missing and it is fine.
Pipes:  Nat Sherman Fifth Ave
Clock Tie:  Vintage Brooks Brothers of Course.
Oxford:  J. Crew.  
Surcingle Belt:  Jack Spade.
Khakis:  Jack Spade.
Penny Loafers:  Allen Edmonds Kenwood.