The "Apple Jack Fashioned"

Apple infused whiskey
Large orchard picked fresh apple 

An Ice Crube of frozen water 

2 parts Cabin Fever maple infused Whiskey
1 part fresh squeezed apple cider
1/2 Ounce sweet vermouth
Maple Syrup

Cinnamon sticks (will explain how to get with out seeming too... eh...) 

Light Brown Sugar 
Splash of lemon bitters

Been making myself the apple jack fashioned for the past 39 nights and have finally decided to share my favorite Autumnal whiskey meal. 

First off, don’t be afraid to give yourself plenty of time while making this whiskey soaked gem.
  I would even recommend giving yourself 24 hours and taking the day out of work.  

Simply hollow out that freshly picked apple, leaving about ¼” of white all the way around.  We (Badger & I) recommend using a knife and small spoon…not your mouth, lesson learned.  Kisses Badger on the cheek. 

Pour a little syrup on a plate, you can actually say out loud, “SYYSSURRPP” if you want, I did.  Cause I don’t care.  (preferably a seasonal dish with little acorns, leaves and pumpkins on it).  Dip top of apple upside on plate.  Now dip now onto the plate full of brown sugar.  I said FULL, don’t be cheap.  It’s sugar. 

Add whiskey
Add vermouth
Add lemon bitters
Put ice crube (I've already experimented with measuring out doses before writing this which is why I just spelt cube "crube")

In goes the cinnamon sticks (ask the fat bearded guy at your supermarket where these are and just give him the heads up that it's for a Pinterest picture)

Pour directly down your hatch before the whiskey eats away at the peel and it breaks all over your pajamas.  Then eat the whiskey infused apple and polish off the rest of the Cabin Fever and call out of work tomorrow as well. 
 It's flu season.