Cozy Socks for the Toasty Fox

These ain't the socks you hung on your dorm room door in college kids.  These are fine wool and wool blend babies that will wrap around your size 11 stinky monsters and make the honeys line up with a basket of pumpkin spiced muffins.  For you.

These socks are designed for real men who like to make a statement that says "Hey, I know I can run off with some simple white or black, but I don't.  I choose to go further, I choose to express myself, mainly my lower leg, foot, ankle, and toes in a higher form.  I shun your run of the mill garbage people socks and by word, I opt for the man version."

In order for these socks to fit properly you much have a substantial amount of man leg hair, these socks will self destruct if exposed to shaved legs or legs with minimal hair.  Take note.  These socks are designed for men with legs and ankles that resemble Shrek's neck. 

These socks will cut your toe nails for you, and make you run a 40 in 4 seconds flat, after a bottle of whiskey and a three burgers from Shake Shack.

So grab a few pair, wear them to a board meeting then walk out that joint like you just took the company over and head home.  Head home to Mrs. Fox and curl up next to her in y'alls little fox den, stick them feet up next to that fire and roast some chestnuts.  Be a man. A Foxy one.  Then "watch Netflix and cuddle" with Mrs. Fox and leave those socks on. 

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