Don't Let Your Guard Down

"Action is character", Fitzgerald once said. Indeed, a man's character is the sum of all his actions. How he chooses to defend his character determines who he is. Since its gory origins in the Middle Ages, dueling was an affair of honor between men of character. Once gentlemen found less violent ways of resolving their disputes, they retained the art of the duel through the sport of fencing. 

Fencing became the king of all athletic competitions, combining the intellectual rigor of chess and the focus of Tennis with the discipline of the Martial arts.  Academic fencers wore white to determine who drew first blood, that tradition is carried on today out of respect for the sport's long heritage. A fencing scar was a sign of respect, a token to the world that you were a gentleman, intent on defending his honor, or that of his family.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren 
Polo: J.Press
Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick
Pants: Bonobos
Shoes: Vintage Sperry Topsider