Essentially British, with the Royal Male

British Style is a challenge to define. At its core, it remains classic, edgy, elegant, haughty, and always mindful of its aristocratic origins. The Brits are known for their tweeds, their quilts and their layers. A field jacket, hunting cap and boots, fitted country vest, or woolen navy suit- each of these offers a unique look into the rigid, classic, enduring world of traditional British style. 

 However, a summer wardrobe in England - or New England - needs to be flexible. As breathtaking as the countryside is in a land of little sun and less summer, the July climate is a fickle and ever changing friend. Layering light, breathable, weatherproof materials is essential to ensuring maximum comfort. The Ascot offers a casually elegant complement to light English day dress. It can be paired with a blazer and oxford, or simply a casual Mackintosh as pictured here, for a light summer look.

Jacket: Mackintosh
Loafers: Austen Heller
Ascot: Royal Male
Chinos: Barbour
Oxford: Ralph Lauren
Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Belt: Kiel James Patrick