Fall for one and one for Fall

You really want to know the difference between myself and that God damn groundhog Puxatommfux??  When I go to sleep, its for an entire year... and when I wake up I see argyle, corduroy, houndstooth, tartans, plaids, a bottle of whiskey and a bunch of smiling faces that all know Fall and the Fox have returned.

We look out upon the changing season and we find change within ourselves. The turning of the leaves, the onset of the briskness in the night air, the pumpkin spiced toothpaste… And for some reason we don't fight it as we would normally fight change. It’s in our nature to resist but in this instance, we let it happen.

The season – made up of reds, oranges and yellows – covers us like a warm blanket, comforting us and showing us that maybe just for a fleeting moment, that the world around us changes, just like we do. We pull out the sweaters and put away the shorts as nature sheds its fickle warm summer skin. It prepares and stands firm for winter’s clinched fists that await - as we do when faced with our next challenge.

Autumn is in our hearts, our minds; it's who we want to be: adaptable, hospitable, warm, welcoming and gracious.

Fall is the season that allows us an inner rejuvenation, based so much on our own nostalgia. Memories of running and falling into piles of leaves, stoking fires with our families, the return of the notion that “pale skin is in” and the crisp night air as football season hit its stride.

Life has its seasons and every fall we are reminded of just how beautiful it all can be. And corduroy. It also reminds us of that. And tweed. Viva tweed.

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