All I got for Christmas was a Pirate Treasure and Riddle

After unwrapping 45 meters of wrapping paper to my surprise I had wrapped myself pirate treasure separated in two trunks.  The first trunk had a skeleton holding a map.  The second trunk had a mirror.  I hopped in the first trunk and ended up in Bermuda with the second trunk full to the brim with golden doubloons.

Its a riddle...  can you figure it out?  I'll bet you can't.  Whoever solves it first gets a linen bag chock full of Buffalo Nickels, making this THE FIRST FPF GIVEAWAY.  Take some guesses and win those Nickels.

The Herringbone Jacket:  Ralph.
The Striped Poplin:  Gant.
The Green Christmasy Cords:  Gant.
The Cashmere Sweater:  Ralph.
The Longwing Boots:  Alden.
The Necktie with stripes on it:  Brooks Brothers.