The Rare Northeastern Scottish Wingless Owl

The rare North Eastern Scottish Wingless owl began of course as a cat before crawling out of its furry cocoon and owling.  These strigiformes have claimed their name to fame being best friend of... you guessed it...  the fox! 

Unlike man whose bestfriend is canine the fox took a liken to nonthreatening cats and owls which led to the two typically quarrelsome animals to make amends in honor of befriending fox and incidentally began breeding during a trip to Scotland back in the 50's creating what today is known as the rare hybrid "Scottish Wingless Owl". 

Jacket:  Harris Tweed and Baracuta of England teamed up back in the 60's to make this reversible version of the classic Harrington Jacket.  They still sell something similar today.  

Sweater:  J. Press

Shirt: Brooks Brothers.
Necktie:  Ralph Lauren.
Wing Tips:  Broken in Brogue.  
Sock 1:  Brooks Brothers.  
Sock 2:  J. Crew.