Going to my Birthday Party

Dear Birthday presents,

I am excited to receive you.  I promise not to just toss you in my closet amongst all the cluttered junk I have collected over the years.  I will honor you as the symbol of generosity and friendly love you represent.  Even though I sometimes might not want you.


-This is a warm wool toggle duffel from Burberry
-Fair-isle moose sweater is from Ralph.  He made it back in the 80's and I'd imagine it will be quite difficult for you to find. 
-J. Crew this soft plaid shirt was made by.  Loving the yellow buttons on it. 
Bonobos by pants.  Wait...  no.......  Pants by Bonobos.
Always pair your topsiders with some thick thick socks.  I know I know...  Even in the Summer. 
Boat Shoes by Brooks Brothers.